Looking forward to a holiday? Saving for a new motorbike? Or want to setup a Savings Account for your children? Whatever it is you are saving for, you can get there faster with an ANZ Royal Fast Saver Account.

The ANZ Royal Fast Saver Account is an exciting new type of Savings Account, allowing you to save for the things you really want, faster. In addition to protecting your money it also helps you to save everyday. It provides base interest and if you are a real saver, and have the commitment, it also gives bonus interest on your contributions.

You receive daily interest on your funds (paid monthly). You will never have to keep money at home, risk losing it, or be tempted to spend it.

Key Features

Monthly Account Maintenance Fee: Free

Minimum On-going Balance Fee: USD$3

To open a Fast Saver Account you will need to:

*Non-Cambodian citizens must show further identification:

Please speak with ANZ Royal staff for details.